what if..

and So Adam and Eve were humans..  I suppose there must have been other human types too, ogres and giants (well what was considered a giant then) and elves, goblins and so forth.

Science agrees on roughly two types: Neanderthals and homo sapiens. But perhaps they are wrong (wouldn’t be the first time). – though there was not so long ago a mention of a third type – Homo Floresiensis

Here’s what happened – species mix. We are a part of the great soup. We are part giant, part goblin, part human part ogre part elven and so on. Some of us, a very rare some, are more pure of original race than others, but that is of no great matter.

If you look at people you will see traits – thick neck, thin neck, deep intense eyes, strong forebrow, very tall, very small, naturally (what is considered) thin, naturally (what is considered) fat, lithe and light footed, heavy footed yet of the same stature. A great many varieties exist within what we now call the human race.

For many of us this world is defined by our heads, we determine that everything is explained by science and this is of great comfort to us. When we find something that is not defined by it or breaks the rules we find ways of dismissing that as a “freak” or a one in a million, until or unless that something keeps doing the same thing over and over – then of course science is able to bind it with a new name.

We have for the most part it seems lost our sense of who we are, our sense of belonging, our tribal heritage, our true homes, even our crafts. The ancient ghosts within us are just that forgotten ghosts.

1 Response to what if..

  1. Nat says:

    I do have a friend whom is hobbit like…..actually two.
    I like the way you write your blog its easy reading, thanks

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