The world within worlds

Whatever you were expecting when you started second life isn’t what you find. Perhaps ultimately its a way of expression free of  your own body, having said that despite what the media have said there are many people on SL who are not overweight couch potatoes in RL. (truth be known I have yet to meet a SL-er who is).

I’ve said SL is a game but despite this, it can be reasonably educational – here is a character riding nessie in SL’s version of the Loch Ness... Kilts are about with antlered heads and what seems to be  a SL scottish community.

In essence of course this is just an extension of MSN or Google talk or another such internet system allowing you to talk to anyone (or multiples of people). In SL not only is that possible but you can interact with them too.

dancing So your character will be able to dance, do yoga, tai chi, kiss and so on anyone that they meet. And this unlike other MORPGS is vast. (and for the most part unrestricted.)

The best place to meet anyone is in one of the very many dance floors.

Eventually you end up shopping for a gimick, wings horns new face new “skin” – a skin is a body, new clothes new hair.

sa you can see in this pic shopping consists mostly of large pictures on walls of the item to buy with a price. Now the trick you rapidly learn is to get the *demo* version first and try it out before you buy. Otherwise you end up with tat that may not work.

Occasionally you click to buy and the item you wanted doesn’t appear in your inventory. Emailing Second life I’ve found to be an unrewarding experience, however if you want to get the item in your account fast the best thing is to get a message to the owner of the store inside SL.  Its in the owners interest to get back quickly – word of mouth spreads fast on SL. My experience of this has been fabulous the owners got back to me with an apology and the product inside an hour – better than any high street store!

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