great SL locations

I’ve travelled around extensively in my research into Second life and have come across many glorious places to see.

Elven stoneelevnstone - interesting elven type buidings

really nice calm place with some very nice buildings. Not roleplaying as far as I could figure out. People *rent* to use the buildings.

ireland homes


Irish place

the music and atmos created in this place is fab, real ireland – lots of rain driving wind and strong sea. Even loads of sheep… The buildings again are for rent I believe, quite nice and with open fires.

witchy pubwitchy pub

This place has rock music, often pagan, and has a fair number of pagan/wiccan types with a number of witchy shops featuring witchy items for your avatar.


mystic chilled place

This place is non role play (though looks like a good place for role play.) very chilled out ruins and interesting fire sprites and leaves blowing around.

To show you a bit more of this mytical place called alban selidor, heres another picture of a path across the sea…

Well worth a visit this one, if you like jsut wonder around somewhere that someones taken time and effort with a good eye for detail to build.


barbies beach housebarbies beach house

Barbies beech house is an adult place… if you get my drift, for fun loving adults. Though I have to say usually its a deserted beech.

Beware though this is for over 18s.


buddies bar (music)

buddies bar has irish music, and is occasionally packed with dancing couples.

Strange to go to a MORPG to listen to music and drinking beer… quite odd.


enchanted – elven realm

as you can see a festive of the visual kind, expect to see unicorns, fairies and mermaids (though they won’t say much they aren’t players). Not roleplay, but does lend itself to that.


ravenscraig ( role playing medieval)Here is the first of many “role playing” SL locations. You need a hud (thats how you know your not dead hurt etc) – they vary but this ones pretty advanced I think. This one has medieval buildings and you are expected to converse with others as a medieval character.


Another medieval role playing world. In mots of these places before you can get to the actual role playing theres a maze of shops to negotiate.

Thats all for now – next update will be on shopping!

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