Virtual Worlds

The scond life stream seemed so complex I made a new page for it.
Stonehenge in SLI’ll start by talking about second life this is the leading virtual platform with a difference – unlike a MORPG like say world of warcraft second life you create and change your avatar as much or as little as you like. In effect you can be anything and do more or less anything. – Though in the end its a game of sorts and the main influences are the complexity and imagination behind the 3D graphics and animations, plus of course the ability to talk to other people’s avatars.

many creatures many worlds many gamesThe best news for geeks like me are there nothing to stop you creating your own script and make your own animation or effect.

Its free (unlike world of warcraft) to start – though you find very quickly you pay for what you get; i.e. paying gets you access to better tricks to show off.

The main graphic of interest being the avatar that you are being represented by, and there’s money (real) to be made here.

building are manyfold and on the most part highly creativeNot getting carried away is important though, its rather easy to spend spend spend on various clothes (swords weaponry) etc etc – oh you cannot die but looks are everything. Note this character has wings but all avatars can fly (with or without the wings).

There are roleplaying games, however so far these involve people writing what they are doing… (which in a SIM environment seems a little daft) and for the most part alot of posturing – (in World or warcraft – you fight and you die) in SL you fight and well… theres not really any point.

– of course in SL your not restricted to clothing so there are greater variances and people can be dragon, centaur, flying thing, anything. But I would suggest if your after a good fighting game try world of warcraft or one of the free-er MORPGS (there isn’t a great deal of difference) for example aeria.

So why would you choose to try out second life? Well for starters all other MORPGS are violent. They involve a very simple rule: you kill you gain points and those points make your character/your avatar stronger and able to take on greater foe.

You will eventually get bored of this. (though some take longer than others)

Second life isn’t based on any rules. You can look at the various places. You can create a place if you’re willing to spend some cash. You can change your avatar to be whatever you want (again better stuff available with cash). You can have “virtual sex” – there’s a surprising number of female avatars wanting that – er but that won’t do anything for you – its just a graphic animation. (though this is a big enough part of the SL “thing” to have entire “worlds” dedicated to it.

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