Short Stories

“Hes surrounded, I have a squadron around the back, the rear gate is blocked. We have men  within shooting range around the front. and two on roofs nearby. Permission to engage”

“negative negative.”

“what the fuck is wrong with you people? As it is this is massive overkill, we’re in a rather nice are with expensive housing. Probably scare him to death anyway”

“hold your position and wait for instruction commander.”

“Hang on central. theres someone coming out…”

The front door opened and a rotund gentleman in a tweed jacket and trousers with the sleeves of his short rolled up and some gardening gloves walked slowly out and began cutting back his hedge with some red handled pruning sheers. He stopped for a moment brushing a bee away before bagging the dead ends.

“central.” snarled  commander Linda  “the dangerous subject is now doing some gardening. And you lot are wasting a shitload of resourses.”

“Commander!” thundered the radio. “Enough of your backchat. hold your position.”

A cat wondered across the road past the rows of armed men and through the hedge  under the apple tree and up to the old gardener circling his legs and purring loudly.

“Hello silly, trying to knock me over again eh. Cheeky. Lets see if I have a treat for you today…”

“Its now or never Central. ”

“You have perm…”


It happened in the blink of an eye, the men moved in weapons loaded and ready, the commander watched as all sides pinned the spot he was in red lights everywhere, the old gentleman still feeding his neighbors black cat with cat treats. The Commander opened the gate and everything changed.


“Commander Linda. You are removed of duty.”

“What the hell happened?”

“You disobeyed a direct order, putting all your men in danger and endangered the mission.”

Linda gasped, her chest burning with pain. “The old man?”

“You were told to stand down. You ignored it. This company does not like disobedient staff.”

“I dont understand” Linda said stuggling to get the words out.  A nurse stopped looked at her case file at the end of the bed and looked at the man talking to the patient.

“10 minutes more and she needs to rest.”

“but you said I had permission to go!”

“no you were told you have permission to WITHDRAW!. Listening to all the instructions is vital Linda.”

The nurse moved on around the next few beds and then walked down the corridor.

“So your employing is terminated.”

Linda stared at the man, “You cannot be ”

“Oh but we are Linda.” He raised a gun, ” very serious”.