short stories

Tasha moved like lightning across the stairwell, grasping the banister and swinging herself over the side expertly sliding with her feet till her hands caught the beam and lifting herself up into a swing and pivoting down onto the shoulder of the shadow.

He or she twisted but still crashed onto the oak hall boards groaning as their knee cracked on impact. Tasha, still moving grabbed the lower banister swung up and out of harms way.

Uncle Peter rose and swept back the black hood of his rain cloak, grinning crookedly. “Touche ma petite.”

Under the cloak his face which was hidden for good reason revealed itself in the evening light. “Peter come into the snug” a deep voice muttered from another room, followed by a stooping figure attempting to manoeuvre through out of the old kitchen into the hall where he stood, he head and shoulders reaching the second banister. An eyebrow raised at Tasha before he ushered the other man into a room further down the darkening corridor.

Tasha slipped noiselessly down the remaining stairs and peaked through the door at the great brass mirror above the old fireplace. Uncle Peter sat, staring thoughtfully at the older man, intent on his mutterings.

“You see times have changed. I’ve decided on a new path, the old governers are a bunch of useless idiots whose ideas date back to when I was just a wee thing” he glanced at the mirror seeming to sense Tashas’ presence,  scratched the side of his face in irritation or perhaps thought, then sat on the largest chair with a sigh.

Uncle Peter rubbed a fang, he had three protruding from his bottom jaw and two form the top. He always rubbed the left side bottom one though, Tasha sometimes wondered if he got toothache. “Ataz, old chap, ” Peter bought his hands up to apologize for “old”. “I joined the resistance over a year ago. That you have come to a decision is marvelous but you will need to take action a bit faster than you have of late. ”

Ataz waved a hand in a circle then opened his palm and shut it slowly. Tasha walked past the door as his will forced the door to gently shut.