If you look for patterns you will find them everywhere. Life is made up of spider webs. Whether its your life swaying from emotion to intellect and back again, or the seasons in your life seeming oddly (weatherwise)  in tune with seasons in your time – and here I mean that the humans go at their own pace not the pace of the clock.

Today my lesson was to not watch the clock so carefully. be surprised (nicely) and go with the flow.


next lesson sleep is good. night. x

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A time to think, to pause, to make space in the head for thoughts.

Work can take over your life until there is no life left to be used. What then was the point of living?  Be comfortable in who you are seems to be very important.

Times of holiday are times to reflect upon our lives and this may make us deeply aware of how much of our lives are being wittered away on one specific part of us giving another part no room. For example for many of us our job is largely logical, mechanical, brain intensive – this gives little room for the spiritual the creative. Perhaps we work in a small space – A computer desk? A room? A city? Then there may be a need to get into a different environment – the sea, the mountains, forest. Out, escape….



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I’ve shared with a few wise people how to deal with spirits. Its always interesting to see new approaches. The majority of people have never seen or felt a ghost and perhaps that’s good. I prefer a world where most spirits do leave this space and go to another, leaving us in whatever state of peace we are in most of the time.

That of course leaves me with few people to talk to who know what I am talking about, when discussing spiritual phenomena.

With pathworking as with all work on this side of life – the important things are doubly important – sometimes so important its impossible to work without them:

  • To know your heart.
  • Not have great shadows to hide – and if you do to be able to let go of them
  • Letting go. Being open to emotion
  • Be young. Forget what you think you know be open to a new knowing

I felt this year a stronger pull when our halos eve came around. This may have been because a dear friend passed away at that time, or may have been simply because the worlds became more entangled.

Dreams during this quarter have become much stronger too. It is the time of year for such things too. I’m aware that my spiritual mind has not stepped out for many years, and that the reason has been partly fear based.  A friend has recently released a book pathworking through poetry that highlights the difficulties of pathworking and the dangers therein.


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just a minor post. I do love comments so if your thinking about saying something go ahead.

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Never let go of your dream

We all have one dream. Its formed in the deepest part of our hearts.

Its something dear to us. Something that is the making of us. We yearn for it.  It is finding yourself. For many many years I have hidden deep within myself, not finding those who I would choose to surround myself with I’ve found life more tolerable to not be entirely me. However as with all truth it seeps out.

And slowly the thing inside is far more wonderful than the mask that was showing and you see masks all around, like some hideous doctor who horror story.  Many masks upon masks. There are some who at the mention of them scorn them, others pretend innocence, but its all there if you look. Our defences are destructive in the long term. The alternative is to have an open heart, to destroy yourself over and over. It is who we all are. In destroying ourselves we become more human.

Thinking that you are not important in the grand scheme of things is flawed thought. For that is something you will never be able to definitely confirm.

There is music that calms my heart, there are places that will me with wonder and fear. There are conversations that electrify my being and focus to a point that which I am hearing where as the mundane meaningless banter of life sends me off into my minds dreaming, far from the reaches of the non dreamers.
I’ve always been a dreamer, I scorn those who do not. To dream is to think.  There are those who now say that there is no God, nothing: The Atheists. But they have not seen ghosts, they have not ventured outside their bodies and they have not Healed or found the aura visible and writeable.  Dreams? No. You may not ever find these things, you may not seek to find them but dismissing anothers experiences is folly. Dreams are thought – to see beyond what we are taught.

The Dream is where you fly. And you fly with your will. You can fly beyond time and place – that is you can fly into your ancestors memories and dream them as they saw them.

In this way I have seen things my parents saw but I did not. I have flew across the streets and sat on beaches where my grandparents were. And I have seen battles long before I had life here.  The secret is to open your heart to pain.

But here I talk about a dream rather than realising your dream, changing your life from a false one to one in which you truly live.

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Methods of journeying

I’ve talked to many different people, those trying to make magic, those meditating, those preforming healing. The skills needed to calm the mind are the first stepping stone. Each stepping stone is a skill that needs and will get deeper with practice.  Quieting the mind has a large effect not just on your ability to perform magic but also in your self, your peace of mind and your mind health. Your mind is like a computer. Turning it off and on again (as any techie will tell you) is always a good idea.
The next stepping stone is the beginning of meditation beyond the quietness of the mind. To bring yourself into another awareness, to drop all awareness of what you are. Like a child seeking something new.

The steps might seem convoluted here but the next one is seeing and hearing – immersion into the imagination. At this point meditation becomes a great deal more addictive – guided meditations are a great way to start. Dreams become more vivid easier to remember and more targeted.

The next step (or leap) is the living meditation. “To live to dream”. You start to conjure in real life.I myself found this troubling to my mind because – well wasn’t this a trip to madness? If I couldn’t distinguish between dream and real world, how could I continue to function? These are questions from a mind still not at peace. The world is. You cannot change it from this state into another world. However You may become much more aware that the world you thought you new has greater depths. Like a watch that you previously marvelled at its precise timekeeping without realising it had a stopwatch, calendar and a host of other functions.

As I said, with practice….

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Energy Songs

I’d like to relate something that occurred in 2009:

Here’s some background. I had been camping with friends in oxfordshire near the white horse. Very pleasant couple of days – sunny and very warm (it was in August time I think) and I was returning home on the  ‘A34’ southbound. Its a dual carriageway so rough speed in the car was 70mph ergo reasonably fast. No radio in the car and windows were up.

I started to hear a kind of male orchestral choir type sound. Quite pleasant. It got louder and louder – to the point where I thought I’d turn it down…. except as I looked down there was a twinge of shock – my radio wasn’t on, in fact I’d removed it before the trip. My next thought was some bloke was playing music so ridiculously with anger rising I looked around – only to realise how stupid that thought was – I was passing cars at speed… There was absolutely no way I’d hear it this loud from someone else’s car.

As I looked around I saw several ancient burrows. And as I past them the sound receded.

What did I hear?

I believe it was what one might call “the song of the earth” It cannot have been coming from outside so the only plausible answer is that the song was coming directly into my head.


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