Energy Wand

Only a few decades ago saying I have a wand would have got you ridiculed or worse targeted by certain types through perhaps fear or anger. Now it seems through the advent of television and film these things have become the thing of childhood dreams and therefore have a great deal of acceptance although for the most part acceptance that you’re talking about some plastic toy with a “Harry Potter” type engraving.

No. Wands are not made from inorganic material.  Many create wands from crystals, which produces a kind of energy though in my experience, its like holding a adult tiger wrapped in iron on a leash. Crystals are quite potent torches and are more suitable as swords than wands.  A wand is an extension and a focus of your own energy. A crystal is never that. It won’t focus your energy because it’s creating its own.

Buying a wand is troublesome. The wand is an extension a focus. knowing the wood used, where the wood came from the energy put into making and constructing the wand are all part of ensuring your energy field when using the wand is wholesome.

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