Energy Touch

You can quite easily have an entire day alone. When you get home, watch a machine (television) and not have much contact with a living being, much less be touched by one. if I said by keeping this style of life you threaten your energy in such a way you shorten your life would you keep on with that style?

Its incredibly important to maintain friendships and be in contact (physical contact) with these beings.

The so called “modern world” is seeing that the worst killer is something that results from stress – something that can be caused by mental reflex. This one change can alleviate stress and cause laughter and reverse many symptoms of stress and build strength. Humans are beings that require groups of a certain size. That need has not gone.

With the onslaught of the internet and lives with little free time we find that people are dating online – meeting people without meeting, having conversations even dating without really seeing or meeting.

Its a screwed up society, but that doesn’t mean we should be. Every so often everything should be turned off. Stop playing the character on your fake internet mask that you would like to be and be that character now.

2 Responses to Energy Touch

  1. Billie says:

    From a purely personal viewpoint, I’m not sure I entirely agree with you.
    Me, I’m a very open peaceful soul, a happy dreamer, always seeing the best in others, and I’ve always been that way. But as such, I tend to get walked on. A lot. I’ve had abusive boyfriends, been used by friends, my best friend even ditched me just before my birthday two years ago because a bloke she liked spoke to me more than her. I’ve been told I’m too nice, and maybe it’s true, but I have trouble trusting people now. These days I only have three good friends and they all live at least an hour away from me. One’s in Kent, one’s in Crawley, and one’s in New York! But it’s for the best, and I’m happier this way. I still laugh a lot, I write, I listen to music, play the bass, take long invigorating nature walks and pride myself on having a great amount of wonderful positive energy. Sure, I get lonely every now and then and reach out, and sometimes I even meet people who I really get on with, but inevitably they remind me why I’m better off on my own.
    Perhaps humans do need groups of certain sizes, and certainly we all crave physical contact. It’s just that some of us aren’t meant to have it….

    • alexrigg says:

      Aww, we are all meant to have it. I dont mean sex I mean hugs. and you and I are pagan and get perhaps more hugs (specially at pagan camp) than perhaps those in other religious groups. And as for meeting people, you met me and I think I hope you jsut found a friend. You are not better off alone. Though I am talking about friends not partners.

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