Energy Spirits

Spirits are for me something for the most part to avoid. (I’m not talking about the intoxication by use of alcohol) I’m talking about echos of the long past, entities or energies that make themselves known. I’ve been confronted by 6 or so. I have no intention of meeting more.

I’m not saying spirits are evil, nor am I saying there are no wonderful kind loving spirits that you may be fortunate (or not) to come across. However my experience of them has been somewhat negative and I believe we should face facts. Facts are what present themselves to the individual.  A fact here is not something someone else has told you – in that case you would be trying to determine the *likelyhood* of something being true based on *faith*. A fact hits you in the face:- you see it, smell it, taste it are wounded by it or otherwise have a sensual experience of it directed by the 6 known senses.
In my opinion if you come across a spirit or ghost your best option which martial arts and all defensive organizations will opt for when a conflict is seen is very simple: get away to a place of safety.

Usually a spirit or ghost is locked down to a place or object, so this is not hard to do.

Ghost hunting, Getting rid of a ghost or spiritual presence.

Theres lots of literature about this. I have to say setting up cameras and holding Ouija boards or group sessions will definitely not help,  your likely to aggravate the situation or actually invite worse energies into the area.

In my opinion anyone who sets themselves up as a ghost hunter is heading for a mental breakdown and a terrified one at that at some point. Brave and stupid springs to mind.

Dealing with an angry or disturbed entity is not a matter for brazen strength – strength in brawn won’t help. Nor will a gun or any weapon. Still feel like taking on a spirit?

Good. so run away.
If your still mad enough or quite simply have no other option then you need a simple method to change the energy. Here are a few steps:

  • Find where they are.
  • Bring your energy to bear (and by this I mean make your energy strong inside)
  • Bring your energy up so you create a opening into that other place – the universe, heaven, the other world, summers vale, whatever you call it. It feels to me like a powerful light (not good or bad) shining on me. This portal must stay open. Often I feel like I’m wearing a ridiculous top hat or I’m stretched considerably when performing this.
  • Go to where they are and hold them. They will be powerfully taken to the otherworld. It is not “normal” in my understanding of this world for anything to stick around in our part of this world. The drawing to the portal/otherworld/heaven is impossible to avoid once they are in your grip. You are effectively stepping between the worlds.

This is not without problems. By holding them they may not want to be held. Oddly spirits can make things shift and hurt us for real; though more commonly they just mess with our heads and make us scramble for the reality we know – driving us mad. Before you undertake to rid yourself of the entity you should have a thought for your current hold on reality.
There are more common methods such as smoking the place with sage, banging lots of pans… but neither have worked for more than a few hours for me.

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