Energy song

I’d like to relate something that occurred in 2009:

Here’s some background. I had been camping with friends in oxfordshire near the white horse. Very pleasant couple of days – sunny and very warm (it was in August time I think) and I was returning home on the  ‘A34′ southbound. Its a dual carriageway so rough speed in the car was 70mph ergo reasonably fast. No radio in the car and windows were up.

I started to hear a kind of male orchestral choir type sound. Quite pleasant. It got louder and louder – to the point where I thought I’d turn it down…. except as I looked down there was a twinge of shock – my radio wasn’t on, in fact I’d removed it before the trip. My next thought was some bloke was playing music so ridiculously with anger rising I looked around – only to realise how stupid that thought was – I was passing cars at speed… There was absolutely no way I’d hear it this loud from someone else’s car.

As I looked around I saw several ancient burrows. And as I past them the sound receded.

What did I hear?

I believe it was what one might call “the song of the earth” It cannot have been coming from outside so the only plausible answer is that the song was coming directly into my head.

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