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Druids Witches and Magic

I’ve like many been watching Dave do his many friday night online gigs to relieve us of our covid19 boredom. and as a result of tonights little gathering, 1.1K people went online to watch..  I found ergo someone … Continue reading

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time and space

Suppose that what we see and hear is only what our minds decide we see and hear. Now if you would never know this, your mind will cover up anything that is makes a mistake on. it can rewrite or … Continue reading

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I’ve shared with a few wise people how to deal with spirits. Its always interesting to see new approaches. The majority of people have never seen or felt a ghost and perhaps that’s good. I prefer a world where most … Continue reading

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Methods of journeying

I’ve talked to many different people, those trying to make magic, those meditating, those preforming healing. The skills needed to calm the mind are the first stepping stone. Each stepping stone is a skill that needs and will get deeper … Continue reading

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Energy Songs

I’d like to relate something that occurred in 2009: Here’s some background. I had been camping with friends in oxfordshire near the white horse. Very pleasant couple of days – sunny and very warm (it was in August time I … Continue reading

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Journeying within

I was introduced to journeying by an old 60+ year old who was running past life journey evenings. The main part is to relax into a dream like state yet stay awake. If that seems mad – its kinda like … Continue reading

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