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Time travel

Firstly theres this concept of space time. space time occurs in waves, mountains and valleys.  Gravity bends space time. heres a brian cox video on space time. So space time changes according to how close you are to Mass.  Put … Continue reading

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One of the issues facing us in this age of increased virtual simulations availablity of toys games screens and so on is their additive quality.  All games from Candy crush to Skyrim have an addictive quantity which means many people … Continue reading

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So everyone votes, everyone has a voice. Its a small voice but in UK at least everyone has a small voice so if you vote for the things you hold in your heart this country at least will be a … Continue reading

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As you get older it get easier to use less imagination be less involved with everything. Your subconscious – learns, so it can drive, it can wash up it can mow the lawn… Where as when you are learning an … Continue reading

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what its all about

I’ve been thinking – perhaps because of my recent experience walking through the avenue of ancient stones from Avebury to the sanctuary at halloween. “What are we for?” is the question. There is alot of smoke at the moment – … Continue reading

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time and tv

For many we get home and try and relax – this may invariably mean watching tv with a drink and perhaps some food. TV is invariably bright which causes your brain to wake up. You are  programmed in the deep … Continue reading

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time and space

Suppose that what we see and hear is only what our minds decide we see and hear. Now if you would never know this, your mind will cover up anything that is makes a mistake on. it can rewrite or … Continue reading

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