I know this is a cliché but you’re always looking at an empty screen wondering “what do I write here??” and then it starts to flow – that is words do, well hopefully anyway.

I make no apologies for incorrect grammar or misuse of  characters. As far as I’m concerned its my sodding blog and what I say goes.

Now if you have a blog – which is essentially about yourself, what do you write under  a link that says “about” I mean surely that’s the whole thing – the blog is about… you…!

I suppose I should put in here why I feel the need to have a blog at all – I mean isn’t this just self-congratulatory  egotistical meanderings of the ego…?

Well yes, I can’t deny it. So much of me is restrained in my daily computer logical mind that there has to be a few avenues left open for it to explode into and I’ve selected this to be an explosion zone (hooray..) err… did you say explode… oh noooo bang (etc)…

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