Druids Witches and Magic

I’ve like many been watching Dave do his many friday night online gigs to relieve us of our covid19 boredom. https://www.facebook.com/damhthebard/ and as a result of tonights little gathering, 1.1K people went online to watch..  I found https://youtu.be/itcdUqyo4k8 ergo someone doing little youtube numbers with people asking about their one magical thing… These vary from Daves ogham sticks ( I have some too) to Janet Farrars knitted phallus..  What a varied world eh?.  But I come to the issue of magic itself – Dave once said to a group of druids that he’d picked up the obod teachings and done a ritual and magic had happened and thought – “no way, it can’t be that simple” and for him it was.

For me though that simplicity came before obod. So when I  look for magical teachings minor visions or insights are not what I’m after – after all I can meditate already and get them, I like my own rituals not doctrine from others – if anything thats why I am no Christian, I don’t like my spirituality being told what or how to do something. I come from a position of “if it don’t feel right I don’t do it”.

What draws me and perhaps many is the idea of alot more out there than people seem to know. The Otherworld, the fey, whatever their name may well have ceased to deal with us since the development of iron from rock – or weapons of inevitable self destruction – although perhaps again if you read the stories right they found they could no longer play with humans as they had and found vengeance on our part too dangerous. And again if you read the stories there’s a good deal of tricks with disastrous results for humans which we fall victim to.

If the sword in the stone is simply a glorified story of man drawing iron from rock – ie smithing iron ore, then you can follow a path which will remove nearly all magic from the books of old. The ancient weapons of albion were perhaps just the most useful ones – weapons that would decisively win or loose a battle.  Magic of that time was a many varied thing.

Glamour was cast in those days and much made of it. I wonder though if the swaying of someones opinion by those who could charm and talk fluidly was all there was in that. Its easy perhaps to say the fault of everything wasnt in those executing it but the spellcaster who merely spoke words. – Oh but we keep having those people come up and make havoc dont we? Hitler for one, Trump perhaps Putin debatably too.

But still with all this evidence growing to say that there is no magic ( and I want to write “anymore” as though it died out or something – truth being there never was any it was just a perception of earlier days ) and yet, and yet I’ve seen things in my work that tells me that magic exists still. It is difficult to forge your own path in life – there are so many things that get in the way – relationships where you want to appease the other half by doing something together that you will both kinda enjoy. Doing something so mean, so solitary as magic doesnt seem the right thing.. until you realize you both need to give each other space to be yourselves – else you become a “not quite yourself” and that “not quite yourself” isnt what he/she initially fell in love with. And if they insist well insist back,  Life is shorter than you realize, as you get older time passes faster, the time to do the things you want to do vanishes into hours and minutes.

So bringing it back to magic. I know there are things that have happened to me that I cannot explain in the usual scientific world manner.  These things I put under the brush “magic” – as I suspect people have been doing for a long time.


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