So everyone votes, everyone has a voice. Its a small voice but in UK at least everyone has a small voice so if you vote for the things you hold in your heart this country at least will be a better place.  Now you may think thats exactly what you are doing. But always, as intelligent beings, question your own decisions. IS your vote made in fear? Is your vote in fact clutching onto a salary, a way of life out of fear of what another party will do? Is you’re vote in fact fearful of change? Highly probable looking round the world at those in power.

Fear votes for those who should not hold power if you need pointers they are all around you, war mongers monsters of . Seeing through the fear and voting not what you fear but what seems right *for everyone* is the right vote.

If we were all outcast on the street, then I think I would see alot more compassion between people. I surmise we are a tribal people and alwasy have been and cannot truely comprehend the scale of the tribe we are faced with through the TV and adverts. We may give generously to certain organisations to relieve guilt. Do we actually do anything? My point being that in a tribe – lets make this simpler: in a campsite in which you have come across or vaguely know everyone; if someone was hungrey would you share your breakfast? if someone was ill would you help them get help? If someone was being hurt would you step up and protect them?

We as individual monkeys are now faced with global anguish and pain. Its difficult to deal with and if you watch tv facebook look at anything with adverts (and I am sorry Ive noticed wordpress have added shit to this one growl) … then you are being made aware of something that seems too much.

My belief is we are all good. Our differences in options cause war. If we take ourselves off our prissy shelf and think for others as an empath not just the collection of yeah sayers but the friends you find more difficult to agree with we will find common ground in fact the ground is the same but through different fears we disagree.

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