One of the issues facing us in this age of increased virtual simulations availablity of toys games screens and so on is their additive quality.  All games from Candy crush to Skyrim have an addictive quantity which means many people spending time doing mindless things. To be torn away to eat to sleep is an annoyance – some may find themselves asleep with the game still going.


Originally technology was “sold” not sure sold if the right word, “imposed”? Anyway it was the tech that would take away the back breaking mindless work – the axemen felling trees, the workers in the field replaced by combine-harvesters and chansaws. The maths adding up the shoppoing replaced by tills, replaced by bar codes then replaced with self checkout….  At what point do we stop?

So AI is developing fast. There are mechanised robot dogs for the army  … Supermarkets are fast developing into a somewhere entirely run by robots.  There are now things in the home which monitor heating so you can change it remotely… but this also means it monitored by the company too. There may be robots in your house to answer questions though the internet.. they can hear everything you say.

New ai fridges now can check whats in your fridge order online tell you if somethings gone off etc etc….

What it means is monitoring a house that has load of gadgets will be very simple for security firms – they will know what you eat how often you eat whether your in the house, what you do who your friends are and so on. Every home has wifi these days which means security firms can literally see what is going on inside the house

..and of course we all now carry mobile computers anyway which we also give to our children meaning everyone is trackable by satellite.

What does all this have to do with addiction? Well the more humans are being replaced by machines the less real human contact we have the more we have a need to immerse ourselves in a non real world where everything is “ok”. In short the Human race is on a highway to being disfunctional.


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