what its all about

I’ve been thinking – perhaps because of my recent experience walking through the avenue of ancient stones from Avebury to the sanctuary at halloween.

“What are we for?” is the question.

There is alot of smoke at the moment – smoke being the daily life of the average person – working for yourself or for a company, relaxing but not really seeing hearing or feeling. Sometimes the voice of the earth reaches through even to the blind but its very rare.

The  earth sings.  We need to listen.  Everything is like a universe, and each universe sings.   If only we were able to stop, make it the norm for people to take 4 day work, less travel, more time at home, the listening could begin.

Harmony is within our reach if we forgo all greed.


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One Response to what its all about

  1. bridget says:

    It’s also difficult to find peace when you’re struggling ; sometimes we need to see to the basics – the bottom of the pyramid before we can continue on our journey. In this day and age , many of us are distracted by survival .

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