time and space

Suppose that what we see and hear is only what our minds decide we see and hear. Now if you would never know this, your mind will cover up anything that is makes a mistake on. it can rewrite or forget memories.  Your mind is like  a faulty computer.

Its only the oddities that will reveal anything and its likely that when you spot something the mind will try everything at its resource to diminish the memory.

Science is based on rules to have an iota of a chance of proving something you have to find a way of repeating something. The method to make this occurrence must work every single time.
(or 99% of the time).

So Science method won’t work.   So when you see something out of the ordinary you mind tell you… and note its not at the time, at the time the mind is woefully silent. its dumbstruck. No afterwards it says no trick of the light, did you really see that? might have been hallucination… etc etc

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