I’ve shared with a few wise people how to deal with spirits. Its always interesting to see new approaches. The majority of people have never seen or felt a ghost and perhaps that’s good. I prefer a world where most spirits do leave this space and go to another, leaving us in whatever state of peace we are in most of the time.

That of course leaves me with few people to talk to who know what I am talking about, when discussing spiritual phenomena.

With pathworking as with all work on this side of life – the important things are doubly important – sometimes so important its impossible to work without them:

  • To know your heart.
  • Not have great shadows to hide – and if you do to be able to let go of them
  • Letting go. Being open to emotion
  • Be young. Forget what you think you know be open to a new knowing

I felt this year a stronger pull when our halos eve came around. This may have been because a dear friend passed away at that time, or may have been simply because the worlds became more entangled.

Dreams during this quarter have become much stronger too. It is the time of year for such things too. I’m aware that my spiritual mind has not stepped out for many years, and that the reason has been partly fear based.  A friend has recently released a book pathworking through poetry that highlights the difficulties of pathworking and the dangers therein.


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2 Responses to Thoughts

  1. Ray says:

    Why are you fearful of letting your spiritual mind wander? Are you a bad person, or are you afraid of what it may show you? Self-discovery starts with taking that first step.

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