Never let go of your dream

We all have one dream. Its formed in the deepest part of our hearts.

Its something dear to us. Something that is the making of us. We yearn for it.  It is finding yourself. For many many years I have hidden deep within myself, not finding those who I would choose to surround myself with I’ve found life more tolerable to not be entirely me. However as with all truth it seeps out.

And slowly the thing inside is far more wonderful than the mask that was showing and you see masks all around, like some hideous doctor who horror story.  Many masks upon masks. There are some who at the mention of them scorn them, others pretend innocence, but its all there if you look. Our defences are destructive in the long term. The alternative is to have an open heart, to destroy yourself over and over. It is who we all are. In destroying ourselves we become more human.

Thinking that you are not important in the grand scheme of things is flawed thought. For that is something you will never be able to definitely confirm.

There is music that calms my heart, there are places that will me with wonder and fear. There are conversations that electrify my being and focus to a point that which I am hearing where as the mundane meaningless banter of life sends me off into my minds dreaming, far from the reaches of the non dreamers.
I’ve always been a dreamer, I scorn those who do not. To dream is to think.  There are those who now say that there is no God, nothing: The Atheists. But they have not seen ghosts, they have not ventured outside their bodies and they have not Healed or found the aura visible and writeable.  Dreams? No. You may not ever find these things, you may not seek to find them but dismissing anothers experiences is folly. Dreams are thought – to see beyond what we are taught.

The Dream is where you fly. And you fly with your will. You can fly beyond time and place – that is you can fly into your ancestors memories and dream them as they saw them.

In this way I have seen things my parents saw but I did not. I have flew across the streets and sat on beaches where my grandparents were. And I have seen battles long before I had life here.  The secret is to open your heart to pain.

But here I talk about a dream rather than realising your dream, changing your life from a false one to one in which you truly live.

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1 Response to Never let go of your dream

  1. BB says:

    This is all so true. I see masks on everyone around me; defences, people keeping themselves hidden, and that’s precisely why I don’t wear one. It’s not easy to learn to open up and show your true self as you risk being judged as weird, scary or possibly annoying (which I get a lot). But if you live your life pretending to be someone else, hiding yourself from others, then how can you ever expect to find the real you? Be open, be unique, and be yourself, no matter what anyone else might think of you. Let your energy shine out. And always, always dream.

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