just a minor post. I do love comments so if your thinking about saying something go ahead.

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  1. Toby says:

    Well spotted wolflet. This reminds me of the Savile expose going on now, an extreme version of what you’re debunking. On the radio yesterday it was being discussed who’s fault Savile’s actions were. Savile was clearly very sick, so partly his, but he needed stopping, that part was someone else’s job. It was the mask that the mob loved (not sure why), not the man. The mask was what made money, so it was protected by those with an interest in doing so. It was the mask that allowed Savile a false image of himself, an unrealistic self-importance that let him self-justify his actions. A perfect example of the worst we can be if we never face ourselves. Ten minutes gazing into our own eyes in the mirror now and again can be very instructive. Try this at home folks. Just be sure someone’s there to scrape you off the floor if you need it.
    Thanks, Alex.

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