Methods of journeying

I’ve talked to many different people, those trying to make magic, those meditating, those preforming healing. The skills needed to calm the mind are the first stepping stone. Each stepping stone is a skill that needs and will get deeper with practice.  Quieting the mind has a large effect not just on your ability to perform magic but also in your self, your peace of mind and your mind health. Your mind is like a computer. Turning it off and on again (as any techie will tell you) is always a good idea.
The next stepping stone is the beginning of meditation beyond the quietness of the mind. To bring yourself into another awareness, to drop all awareness of what you are. Like a child seeking something new.

The steps might seem convoluted here but the next one is seeing and hearing – immersion into the imagination. At this point meditation becomes a great deal more addictive – guided meditations are a great way to start. Dreams become more vivid easier to remember and more targeted.

The next step (or leap) is the living meditation. “To live to dream”. You start to conjure in real life.I myself found this troubling to my mind because – well wasn’t this a trip to madness? If I couldn’t distinguish between dream and real world, how could I continue to function? These are questions from a mind still not at peace. The world is. You cannot change it from this state into another world. However You may become much more aware that the world you thought you new has greater depths. Like a watch that you previously marvelled at its precise timekeeping without realising it had a stopwatch, calendar and a host of other functions.

As I said, with practice….

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