Journeying within

I was introduced to journeying by an old 60+ year old who was running past life journey evenings. The main part is to relax into a dream like state yet stay awake. If that seems mad – its kinda like a day dream.

I like to get into a really comfy chair. The floor’s not quite as good because its uncomfortable for more than a few minutes and you can’t rock. A bed also isn’t so good – though very comfortable you tend to just sleep. Though I’ve had some excellent journeys in bed during a sunny day.  If its dark you will just sleep.

One method to prize your spirit from your body is to rock (as mentioned earlier). All you do in your chair is very gently rock your body as if you were in a moving swing. Except of course your chair won’t be moving that much. It seems to work best if you tense your muscles and let go exactly as you would in the swing – where the swing is going higher and higher. As you do this it does tend to feel  as though you are moving about quite alot. If you leave you will know.

Other methods include sex: but you will have to let the other person know – as soon as you hit the bliss you have to stop and get carried by the wave of euphoria out of your body because they might try interrupting your journey or just get scared as your breathing slows and you become very unresponsive..

The tunnel that is spoken about alot in film is for real. There is a tunnel – and you travel flying through it. Its a portal to somewhere else. Initially your will is not involved, and for this to work you have to put asside the will and let things happen, after a while your will can come in and make decisions on what is presented.

The tunnel is rather like a roller coaster. I found my fear of roller coasters in the outside world vanished after months of journeying.

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1 Response to Journeying within

  1. Billie says:

    This is quite thought-provoking as I’ve done this kind of thing since I was a child. I’d always put my travels down to meditation and an over-active imagination, but now I’m wondering if it’s something like you’re describing here. Have you ever tried visiting a particular person, then seeing if they were aware of it on some level? It’s quite a fascinating thing to do….

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