Energy around you

So imagine for a moment that everything has a vibration and you perceive everything in this way. So a rock has a very slow vibration whereas air has a very very fast vibration.

For rain to fall its vibration has to slow so much that it becomes heavy and drops. An increase in vibration decreases your weight.

Vibration of one thing effects the vibration of another. So If water is in a pan which is getting hotter the vibration of the pan increases, the water then also increases.
More subtly though if a falling drop of cold water hits the head of a bird, the bird being warmer increases the drop of water’s vibration and at the same time decreases the birds.

In a human we would feel this drop in energy and might feel a tiny bit depressed. All things control their vibration to some extent. In what we perceive as death the energy drops to a standard lower level for the type of being. As the vibration lowers the parts of the being and parts crumble to dust which is close to vibrationless.

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