Finding what has been lost

I believe we have lost something very deep inside, something has been broken in us and it perhaps cannot be mended.

Its is us. The core of us. We have turned away from something that made us human and now it has been lost. Not only have we turned but we have walked away, and that part of us that remains is dying.
For those that have managed to turn our third eye again, there seems to be the remains of a child, starved and pitiful in the corner of our subconscious. Its so shriveled and emaciated we fear to get close.

We are told by voices far away that its evil. The mind would rather we left it to die. The mind is all powerful – every second is controlled by the mind. We are mind-full of time because our free will is no longer ours. You see that part of us, that part of us that is dying was the greater part. That was us.

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