Energy Seeds

Energy. Sooner or later you end up noticing it. You’ll be surrounded in your home by the energies you and your co-inhabitants create or bring with them. These can be wonderful clean pure love type healing energies, earthy protective vibes and positivity if you insist.   However most homes (including my own) vary. Energies change your feelings and change your own energy- sucking the will and life force from you or changing you from calm and placid to angry depressed or just fidgety!


Things do help – a wand a staff a blanket with a pattern you like, these can create energy that is in your core. When deciding whether a rooms energy is dark or light, listen to your self – then you have to decide if your being influenced. If  you are, you can make some fairly horrible mistakes.

Rasing energy is easy. You already know this.  What you do when you get upset and a reflex inside of you takes over – you play your music loudly and sing along,   you eat stuff you want to eat with severe prejudice. You take a hot soak with candles and nice smelly stuff. You pander to things you like.  Jumping around, phoning a friend, shouting and screaming. All these things *can* raise your energies.

By the way before I finish on raising your energy – you may be tempted to play endless games on the xbox, killing games, this won’t do it. You may ring a friend who is horribly depressed and again needless to say that won’t work either. You may do what your expected by someone else (either motivated by love or guilt or something similar) again won’t work. Be utterly selfish, do something you know you want to do, and do it for the length of time you want to. Sex can work, but it gets complex – sex does many things – for one it will calm you down and open your third eye. So perhaps not what you intended. Plus afterwards you might be utterly exhausted. (lucky you).

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  1. Very interesting…thank you Alex. x

  2. Billie says:


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