third eye development

Last sunday I got  into a conversation about third eye development. Two ladies from Bracknell were chatting about ghosts and their meditation experiences (or lack thereof).

In meditation the main issue is getting to the state of mind which is open to suggestion and is essentially ‘switched off’.  No insistent thoughts, no shopping lists, money woes, love woes… no thought.

To get to the state of ‘no thought’ there are a number of techniques to use, few people can close their eyes wipe all thoughts from their mind and begin meditation.

Initially the guide must remember that they are no longer talking to a group of people, they are talking to minds, minds that for the most part will refuse to turn off. A mind believes it controls the body and is solely in charge. The mind in western society is allowed and encouraged to dominate every action and reaction. The more discipline that has been applied to the mind the easier the meditator will find meditating.

The mind reacts much like a small child; if you say time to turn you off (much like time for bed) it rebels. Everything the guide says initially must address this.

Meditation, I would tell the meditators, is a way of rejuvenating the mind. The state we are trying to create is one that you should enter before going to bed (though there will be no snoring or sleeping). Allowing the mind to take a nap allows the bodys functions to perform better, muscles to relax, restoring the balance inside. Often after a meditation meditators have a much deeper sleep. Addressing problems with a clearer head often is the solution.

Once we have got everyone comfortable and their minds are also comfortable we can start a physical exercise that will slow the body down and induce a deeper state of relaxation. It’s called breathing.

put your hand over your stomach. Take a breath and see if you can feel the rise and fall. If not you’re using your upper lungs more than your lower lungs. Upper lungs are useful when running a marathon however right now your trying to enter a semi dream like state and the lower lungs are optimum for this task.

3 or 4 breaths in and out making sure you can feel the rise and fall with your hand on your stomach should be enough to begin the first phase of relaxing. Meditators should continue to use this form of breathing throughout. its an anchor point, if at any point thoughts materialise then they can guide their mind back to thinking about the breathing.

Next I take the meditators’ minds through all the big muscle groups in their bodies, Starting at the feet and moving up to relax and let go of each muscle. Letting go is the main part – its getting the mind to let go and release all these muscles from its 24hour grip. Meditating when stressed is meditating with all the muscles tight and that is more difficult.

Next, there’s a group of words that get repeated to bring the meditators into the space they need to be to get to the head space necessary.

One of the most common is to imagine you are in a lift. The doors close. Your on the 10th floor. The lift descends, taking you deeper and deeper into your self, the core being. You can feel safe and secure and you descend further and further, deeper and deeper, relaxing more and more. You have reached the 9th floor..

and so on – much the same effect as when the doctors count you down (or up) after drugging you…

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