Entertain me!

More and more I find and I know others do too that television is no longer entertaining. We watch films on dvd/online before the Television stations broadcast them (and we then probably watch it again).

Cinema no longer hold such a hold as it did in the 60s and 70s and possibly the 80s and 90s: not long after a film is released dvds of the film also come out and many now have large screens at home to watch the movie in greater comfort.

Movie writers seem to weigh great emphasis on the action, the computer generated imagery – that though good does nothing to compensate for terrible acting, poor scripts and bad camera detailing.

This lack being entertained has led to alternative sources sought; many children spend hours inside focussed on computer games – so much so that there is a slight rise in rickets (caused by lack of vitamin D) in some “advanced” nations. The use of computer games then isolates the children (and the adults) from their community and effectively destroys some aspects of the community.

Another strong entertainment factor up to recently was the English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish pub.  However with the rise of tax on alcohol many feel disinclined to go as often or at all. Added to that pubs that not near villages or cities feel the pinch because of the rise in fuel prices. As a consequence pubs in general are suffering.

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