The energy crisis

At this time, we are already in a energy crisis – oil and gas are used in almost all homes as essential methods for travel and heat, distribution of food and the creation of it. These are necessary for life in the world of mankind and they are shortly to become absent. So the question we are left with what the mankind needs to do to replace these methods in order to survive.

It seems we will be wholly and utterly dependant on the generation of electricity. Which is fine though the means by which we generate this vast amount becomes the essential question.  Initially as well as the wind turbines and dams and other “free” and for the most part eco-friendly methods there will very likely be increased nuclear plants.

The panic and or levels of concern that attach to these problems hide the real energy crisis which is much simpler a problem to solve: our energy within our bodies have become mostly detached from the land in which we live.

To reattach we must learn to listen to our bodies and then to know what we really need to eat rather than what we “want to eat” . Eating any food that makes you feel sluggish, or highly emotional or dangerously should be avoided. As you increase the right foods your energy inside will increase – you may also find curious positive external effects.

People need to refind and reconnect with the community, computers have brought many things to the world, connections between people can span vast space and timezones, however nothing truly can replace a community that look after and communicate regularly with each other. Communication that restricts to words or speech is very limited. Energy sharing through this communication then is also limited. For a much more stable energy in the community it is necessary for groups to bee within physical reach of each other so that energies can meld.

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2 Responses to The energy crisis

  1. alexrigg says:

    Not quite sure I understood that. By all means comment in german.

  2. alexrigg says:

    I think I got the gist of that. where is the house?

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