And this is all about me

Well here it is, my blog. I suppose I’ve finally go to that stage in my life that I feel like writing everything down.

To capture the past few years would be a daunting task – a mixture of terrible emotional upheaval and distress, ghosts, poltergeist activity, immense internal DIY on houses, various girlfriends, and lots of gardening camping and outdoor stuff with friends.

The past few months have been a dive into a different pool, I’m working for, who are a great little organisation dedicated to providing everyone with cool info about setting up their own business – and lets be honest even if your just setting one up for making a few pence on Ebay its worth the free videos and info these guys provide.

my addiction and love of chocolate has gone on unabated since 2000 or so, I’ve not really made any good effort to stop it so I only have myself to blame. My favs are Milka and the Border chocolate gingers…

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2 Responses to And this is all about me

  1. Ladoca the Hierophant Master says:

    Hi Alex,

    Fellow Druid here.

    Hope you’re looking forward to the Solstice.


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