As you get older it get easier to use less imagination be less involved with everything. Your subconscious – learns, so it can drive, it can wash up it can mow the lawn… Where as when you are learning an activity you must be awake to learn, later there is less to learn so you are in fact more asleep….

So we are born awake and we slowly go to sleep, unless we pay attention….

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what its all about

I’ve been thinking – perhaps because of my recent experience walking through the avenue of ancient stones from Avebury to the sanctuary at halloween.

“What are we for?” is the question.

There is alot of smoke at the moment – smoke being the daily life of the average person – working for yourself or for a company, relaxing but not really seeing hearing or feeling. Sometimes the voice of the earth reaches through even to the blind but its very rare.

The  earth sings.  We need to listen.  Everything is like a universe, and each universe sings.   If only we were able to stop, make it the norm for people to take 4 day work, less travel, more time at home, the listening could begin.

Harmony is within our reach if we forgo all greed.


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time and tv

For many we get home and try and relax – this may invariably mean watching tv with a drink and perhaps some food.

TV is invariably bright which causes your brain to wake up. You are  programmed in the deep human subconscious to feel sleepy in darkness, flashing images wake the mind up.

Your body’s muscles and parts of the brain also react to violent or dangerous scenarios with adrenalin. You might say that watching tv  (depending what you watch) is actually making you more exhausted because your taking your mind and heart on a much more severe experience than say if you just chatted down the pub.

How much time do we spend doing this? Not just putting our hearts and minds (interestingly not our body – though the heart might pound and the head might be thinking rapidly the rest of the body is doing very little.  – I’ll let you figure out the health implications ) – though an ordeal but how much do you remember? very little?

Here’s an idea. – TV actually means our thinking mind is off.  Dangerous because the rest of our mind is feeding run- fight messages to the body which results in increased heart rate without increased breathing and without the body needing all those sugars and natural stimulants rushing around our systems.   So experiment. Turn it off (invariably you’d already seen whats on at least once) and think what else you could do – meditate. Use the tv to meditate – pick a suitable music and play it.

Mediation is quite the reverse of the tv experience: you awake rested. eyes closed – darkness helps the mind shut down and *repair*. and the stillness of your mind means if you go to sleep after meditation you’re likely to sleep deeply.  Nothing is fed into your mind other than what is already there (unlike tv where theres always the possibility that something from the tv while in your semi dosing/awake state gets stuck.)

Why are we not told to ditch TVs? because all news is corporately owned. Guess what. They want us to watch – because then we want to buy. Are you effected by adverts? No? Look at what you buy – its is advertised? yes? well there’s your answer.

I’m not saying TV is bad – its good to be informed. Temper being informed with the crap in your own mind and ask yourself – am I in control of myself?

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time and space

Suppose that what we see and hear is only what our minds decide we see and hear. Now if you would never know this, your mind will cover up anything that is makes a mistake on. it can rewrite or forget memories.  Your mind is like  a faulty computer.

Its only the oddities that will reveal anything and its likely that when you spot something the mind will try everything at its resource to diminish the memory.

Science is based on rules to have an iota of a chance of proving something you have to find a way of repeating something. The method to make this occurrence must work every single time.
(or 99% of the time).

So Science method won’t work.   So when you see something out of the ordinary you mind tell you… and note its not at the time, at the time the mind is woefully silent. its dumbstruck. No afterwards it says no trick of the light, did you really see that? might have been hallucination… etc etc

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If you look for patterns you will find them everywhere. Life is made up of spider webs. Whether its your life swaying from emotion to intellect and back again, or the seasons in your life seeming oddly (weatherwise)  in tune with seasons in your time – and here I mean that the humans go at their own pace not the pace of the clock.

Today my lesson was to not watch the clock so carefully. be surprised (nicely) and go with the flow.


next lesson sleep is good. night. x

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A time to think, to pause, to make space in the head for thoughts.

Work can take over your life until there is no life left to be used. What then was the point of living?  Be comfortable in who you are seems to be very important.

Times of holiday are times to reflect upon our lives and this may make us deeply aware of how much of our lives are being wittered away on one specific part of us giving another part no room. For example for many of us our job is largely logical, mechanical, brain intensive – this gives little room for the spiritual the creative. Perhaps we work in a small space – A computer desk? A room? A city? Then there may be a need to get into a different environment – the sea, the mountains, forest. Out, escape….



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I’ve shared with a few wise people how to deal with spirits. Its always interesting to see new approaches. The majority of people have never seen or felt a ghost and perhaps that’s good. I prefer a world where most spirits do leave this space and go to another, leaving us in whatever state of peace we are in most of the time.

That of course leaves me with few people to talk to who know what I am talking about, when discussing spiritual phenomena.

With pathworking as with all work on this side of life – the important things are doubly important – sometimes so important its impossible to work without them:

  • To know your heart.
  • Not have great shadows to hide – and if you do to be able to let go of them
  • Letting go. Being open to emotion
  • Be young. Forget what you think you know be open to a new knowing

I felt this year a stronger pull when our halos eve came around. This may have been because a dear friend passed away at that time, or may have been simply because the worlds became more entangled.

Dreams during this quarter have become much stronger too. It is the time of year for such things too. I’m aware that my spiritual mind has not stepped out for many years, and that the reason has been partly fear based.  A friend has recently released a book pathworking through poetry that highlights the difficulties of pathworking and the dangers therein.


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