Druids Witches and Magic

I’ve like many been watching Dave do his many friday night online gigs to relieve us of our covid19 boredom. https://www.facebook.com/damhthebard/ and as a result of tonights little gathering, 1.1K people went online to watch..  I found https://youtu.be/itcdUqyo4k8 ergo someone doing little youtube numbers with people asking about their one magical thing… These vary from Daves ogham sticks ( I have some too) to Janet Farrars knitted phallus..  What a varied world eh?.  But I come to the issue of magic itself – Dave once said to a group of druids that he’d picked up the obod teachings and done a ritual and magic had happened and thought – “no way, it can’t be that simple” and for him it was.

For me though that simplicity came before obod. So when I  look for magical teachings minor visions or insights are not what I’m after – after all I can meditate already and get them, I like my own rituals not doctrine from others – if anything thats why I am no Christian, I don’t like my spirituality being told what or how to do something. I come from a position of “if it don’t feel right I don’t do it”.

What draws me and perhaps many is the idea of alot more out there than people seem to know. The Otherworld, the fey, whatever their name may well have ceased to deal with us since the development of iron from rock – or weapons of inevitable self destruction – although perhaps again if you read the stories right they found they could no longer play with humans as they had and found vengeance on our part too dangerous. And again if you read the stories there’s a good deal of tricks with disastrous results for humans which we fall victim to.

If the sword in the stone is simply a glorified story of man drawing iron from rock – ie smithing iron ore, then you can follow a path which will remove nearly all magic from the books of old. The ancient weapons of albion were perhaps just the most useful ones – weapons that would decisively win or loose a battle.  Magic of that time was a many varied thing.

Glamour was cast in those days and much made of it. I wonder though if the swaying of someones opinion by those who could charm and talk fluidly was all there was in that. Its easy perhaps to say the fault of everything wasnt in those executing it but the spellcaster who merely spoke words. – Oh but we keep having those people come up and make havoc dont we? Hitler for one, Trump perhaps Putin debatably too.

But still with all this evidence growing to say that there is no magic ( and I want to write “anymore” as though it died out or something – truth being there never was any it was just a perception of earlier days ) and yet, and yet I’ve seen things in my work that tells me that magic exists still. It is difficult to forge your own path in life – there are so many things that get in the way – relationships where you want to appease the other half by doing something together that you will both kinda enjoy. Doing something so mean, so solitary as magic doesnt seem the right thing.. until you realize you both need to give each other space to be yourselves – else you become a “not quite yourself” and that “not quite yourself” isnt what he/she initially fell in love with. And if they insist well insist back,  Life is shorter than you realize, as you get older time passes faster, the time to do the things you want to do vanishes into hours and minutes.

So bringing it back to magic. I know there are things that have happened to me that I cannot explain in the usual scientific world manner.  These things I put under the brush “magic” – as I suspect people have been doing for a long time.


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Time travel

Firstly theres this concept of space time. space time occurs in waves, mountains and valleys.  Gravity bends space time. heres a brian cox video on space time.

So space time changes according to how close you are to Mass.  Put another way, being close to someone changes spacetime – just a very tiny amount.

It takes a while to understand space time, it like Hawkings theories  on quantum physics.  We tend to work on the hum drum day to day stuff – time just is a constant – its 2 o clock in the afternoon every single day and the sun is in the sky somewhere. If you start to think that time travel happens all the time, you may become worried about the fragile “ego” world that you understand. Not understanding the world is frightening, worse perhaps when the world you have built has foundations and structures and all of that wobbles.

Heres another Brian cox video on this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-O8lBIcHre0

So someone travels near the speed of light in a rocket for 5 years and then returns. According to their watch they spent 10 years in space.But he arrives on earth according to earth time, 29 years later. He is 10 years older, everyone else on earth has aged 29 years.

Why? because the time on earth is faster than the time in the rocket. Freaky. I still haven’t quite got my head around it.

So travelling in to the future is possible but probably not the way you thought if would happen. And theres that other neat little problem of actually trying to travel at the speed of light.

But hang on, you don’t need to. We must be time travelling all the time, we are all travelling at speed from time to time – on a plane in the car. Granted its not the speed of light but any speed should change the rate of time just perhaps not by very much.

Heres another one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mpw68rvF4pc  that time thing again.

Course the main problem with travelling at the speed of light is mass. More precisely your mass. To travel at the speed of light we need to dispense with mass. What if we were travelling in spirit form only? spirit has zero mas. It therefore can travel at light speed…. Now whether you agree that spirit form exists or not the idea that your projected spirit can do this opens some very interesting ideas.

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One of the issues facing us in this age of increased virtual simulations availablity of toys games screens and so on is their additive quality.  All games from Candy crush to Skyrim have an addictive quantity which means many people spending time doing mindless things. To be torn away to eat to sleep is an annoyance – some may find themselves asleep with the game still going.


Originally technology was “sold” not sure sold if the right word, “imposed”? Anyway it was the tech that would take away the back breaking mindless work – the axemen felling trees, the workers in the field replaced by combine-harvesters and chansaws. The maths adding up the shoppoing replaced by tills, replaced by bar codes then replaced with self checkout….  At what point do we stop?

So AI is developing fast. There are mechanised robot dogs for the army  … Supermarkets are fast developing into a somewhere entirely run by robots.  There are now things in the home which monitor heating so you can change it remotely… but this also means it monitored by the company too. There may be robots in your house to answer questions though the internet.. they can hear everything you say.

New ai fridges now can check whats in your fridge order online tell you if somethings gone off etc etc….

What it means is monitoring a house that has load of gadgets will be very simple for security firms – they will know what you eat how often you eat whether your in the house, what you do who your friends are and so on. Every home has wifi these days which means security firms can literally see what is going on inside the house

..and of course we all now carry mobile computers anyway which we also give to our children meaning everyone is trackable by satellite.

What does all this have to do with addiction? Well the more humans are being replaced by machines the less real human contact we have the more we have a need to immerse ourselves in a non real world where everything is “ok”. In short the Human race is on a highway to being disfunctional.


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So everyone votes, everyone has a voice. Its a small voice but in UK at least everyone has a small voice so if you vote for the things you hold in your heart this country at least will be a better place.  Now you may think thats exactly what you are doing. But always, as intelligent beings, question your own decisions. IS your vote made in fear? Is your vote in fact clutching onto a salary, a way of life out of fear of what another party will do? Is you’re vote in fact fearful of change? Highly probable looking round the world at those in power.

Fear votes for those who should not hold power if you need pointers they are all around you, war mongers monsters of . Seeing through the fear and voting not what you fear but what seems right *for everyone* is the right vote.

If we were all outcast on the street, then I think I would see alot more compassion between people. I surmise we are a tribal people and alwasy have been and cannot truely comprehend the scale of the tribe we are faced with through the TV and adverts. We may give generously to certain organisations to relieve guilt. Do we actually do anything? My point being that in a tribe – lets make this simpler: in a campsite in which you have come across or vaguely know everyone; if someone was hungrey would you share your breakfast? if someone was ill would you help them get help? If someone was being hurt would you step up and protect them?

We as individual monkeys are now faced with global anguish and pain. Its difficult to deal with and if you watch tv facebook look at anything with adverts (and I am sorry Ive noticed wordpress have added shit to this one growl) … then you are being made aware of something that seems too much.

My belief is we are all good. Our differences in options cause war. If we take ourselves off our prissy shelf and think for others as an empath not just the collection of yeah sayers but the friends you find more difficult to agree with we will find common ground in fact the ground is the same but through different fears we disagree.

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As you get older it get easier to use less imagination be less involved with everything. Your subconscious – learns, so it can drive, it can wash up it can mow the lawn… Where as when you are learning an activity you must be awake to learn, later there is less to learn so you are in fact more asleep….

So we are born awake and we slowly go to sleep, unless we pay attention….

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what its all about

I’ve been thinking – perhaps because of my recent experience walking through the avenue of ancient stones from Avebury to the sanctuary at halloween.

“What are we for?” is the question.

There is alot of smoke at the moment – smoke being the daily life of the average person – working for yourself or for a company, relaxing but not really seeing hearing or feeling. Sometimes the voice of the earth reaches through even to the blind but its very rare.

The  earth sings.  We need to listen.  Everything is like a universe, and each universe sings.   If only we were able to stop, make it the norm for people to take 4 day work, less travel, more time at home, the listening could begin.

Harmony is within our reach if we forgo all greed.


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time and tv

For many we get home and try and relax – this may invariably mean watching tv with a drink and perhaps some food.

TV is invariably bright which causes your brain to wake up. You are  programmed in the deep human subconscious to feel sleepy in darkness, flashing images wake the mind up.

Your body’s muscles and parts of the brain also react to violent or dangerous scenarios with adrenalin. You might say that watching tv  (depending what you watch) is actually making you more exhausted because your taking your mind and heart on a much more severe experience than say if you just chatted down the pub.

How much time do we spend doing this? Not just putting our hearts and minds (interestingly not our body – though the heart might pound and the head might be thinking rapidly the rest of the body is doing very little.  – I’ll let you figure out the health implications ) – though an ordeal but how much do you remember? very little?

Here’s an idea. – TV actually means our thinking mind is off.  Dangerous because the rest of our mind is feeding run- fight messages to the body which results in increased heart rate without increased breathing and without the body needing all those sugars and natural stimulants rushing around our systems.   So experiment. Turn it off (invariably you’d already seen whats on at least once) and think what else you could do – meditate. Use the tv to meditate – pick a suitable music and play it.

Mediation is quite the reverse of the tv experience: you awake rested. eyes closed – darkness helps the mind shut down and *repair*. and the stillness of your mind means if you go to sleep after meditation you’re likely to sleep deeply.  Nothing is fed into your mind other than what is already there (unlike tv where theres always the possibility that something from the tv while in your semi dosing/awake state gets stuck.)

Why are we not told to ditch TVs? because all news is corporately owned. Guess what. They want us to watch – because then we want to buy. Are you effected by adverts? No? Look at what you buy – its is advertised? yes? well there’s your answer.

I’m not saying TV is bad – its good to be informed. Temper being informed with the crap in your own mind and ask yourself – am I in control of myself?

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time and space

Suppose that what we see and hear is only what our minds decide we see and hear. Now if you would never know this, your mind will cover up anything that is makes a mistake on. it can rewrite or forget memories.  Your mind is like  a faulty computer.

Its only the oddities that will reveal anything and its likely that when you spot something the mind will try everything at its resource to diminish the memory.

Science is based on rules to have an iota of a chance of proving something you have to find a way of repeating something. The method to make this occurrence must work every single time.
(or 99% of the time).

So Science method won’t work.   So when you see something out of the ordinary you mind tell you… and note its not at the time, at the time the mind is woefully silent. its dumbstruck. No afterwards it says no trick of the light, did you really see that? might have been hallucination… etc etc

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If you look for patterns you will find them everywhere. Life is made up of spider webs. Whether its your life swaying from emotion to intellect and back again, or the seasons in your life seeming oddly (weatherwise)  in tune with seasons in your time – and here I mean that the humans go at their own pace not the pace of the clock.

Today my lesson was to not watch the clock so carefully. be surprised (nicely) and go with the flow.


next lesson sleep is good. night. x

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A time to think, to pause, to make space in the head for thoughts.

Work can take over your life until there is no life left to be used. What then was the point of living?  Be comfortable in who you are seems to be very important.

Times of holiday are times to reflect upon our lives and this may make us deeply aware of how much of our lives are being wittered away on one specific part of us giving another part no room. For example for many of us our job is largely logical, mechanical, brain intensive – this gives little room for the spiritual the creative. Perhaps we work in a small space – A computer desk? A room? A city? Then there may be a need to get into a different environment – the sea, the mountains, forest. Out, escape….



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